The Transformation – Malaysian Education Blueprint

This is where the Malaysian Education Blueprint come into play as there has already been a goal and a statement which has been made saying Malaysia’s education aspires to rank amongst the world’s leading systems that will help Malaysia to compete in the global economy. In order to achieve this goal, a few steps will be taken.

transformation 01

Steps To Achieve Our Goal

  • To start off with, the Ministry will instil an entrepreneurial mind-set throughout Malaysia in order to produce individuals who will actually be more focused on creating jobs rather than just going around seeking for jobs.
  • An equal balance will also be formed between technical and vocational training. We will also be focusing less on the traditional, academic pathways to achieve this.
  • There will also be a focus on outcomes over inputs in order to pursue innovations that cater to the student’s needs and enables for a greater learning experience altogether.
  • We will harmonise how both the private and public institutions are regulated and also ensure that there will be financial stability of the higher education system.