najib razakOver the past few decades, the Malaysian higher education system has been growing tremendously and to top it off, the last 10 years alone has shown a significant gain in the enrolment of students. The good news is that there has also been a rise in global recognition in certain specific areas such as research publications, patents, and institutional quality therefore making Malaysia to be one of the top destinations for international students as well.

None of these would have been possible without the huge investments that have been made by the Government here in Malaysia as they have been a huge factor in driving and innovating the Malaysian academic community and this is also done with the support of the private sector.

We will not know for sure just how well these changes will affect our education system here in Malaysia. While it might be easier said than done, it might take a while to harmonize both the private and the public sectors whilst removing non-performing teachers and researches that make up for a large number at the universities. We can only hope that the Malaysian Education Blueprint will eliminate racial and profit-making concerns their priority in the education system. We can only wait for now and in years to come, we will know if this Blueprint has changed our Malaysian education system for the better.